Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our products and how to resolve them.

It means heat being carried as light, similar to light coming from the sun.

The sun, our main source of energy on earth, supplies energy in the form of light. The sun provides both visible light and invisible forms of light like infrared radiation. Infrared is an efficient method for transferring heat energy to warm our surroundings. UFO heaters operate using the same principles. They use electricity to produce infrared radiation. The infrared radiation immediately directly heats objects in the environment and our bodies directly as it as hits different surfaces.

Infrared heaters use medium-wave infrared radiation, which is safe for humans. It is not far-infrared, which is harmful to human beings. UFO infrared heaters also do not consume oxygen and dry the air like convective heaters. Dry air can cause respiration problems and allergies.

  • Convection heaters need to heat all the air in the space before they can heat the space, which takes longer for us to feel warm. However, UFO Heaters heat the room much faster by heating our bodies, clothes, and objects around us by using photons- tiny particles made up electromagnetic radiations.
  • UFO heaters keep the humidity in the air at a comfortable level preventing any harsh effects on people with respiratory diseases, such as asthma.
  • UFO heaters are energy-efficient; they reduce the amount of energy consumed, contributing to saving the environment.
  • UFO heaters can be used outdoors, since wind flow does not affect them.

In the central heating system, the heat cannot be controlled, and as seen in the animation, the heat first heats the upper part of the room, then cold air goes towards the lower part, and uses the oxygen in the room. More energy is required to heat the lower part of the room by 20°C. In the heating system with a cable from the floor, as seen in the animation, the heat starts to cool from floor to ceiling first. Temperature cannot be controlled in this heating system either, and many people do not prefer this due to the high cost of installation and operation. 3- In the infrared heating system, heating starts from the top of the room to the bottom, contrary to other heating systems. The heat is directed only to the place to be heated. Heating in full starts 27 seconds after the heater starts operating. The operating cost is greatly reduced in this way. It provides extra savings, thanks to the heat-regulating thermostat on it. Let's give two examples of places where heating is problematic: In a workshop with 1000 m² closed area, 5m ceiling height, and high heat loss, installation costs are 20-50 times cheaper, and operating costs are 10-30 times more economical. In churches, the installation cost is 50-100 times cheaper depending on the condition of the mosque and the system installed; and the operating costs are 100-150 times more economical, since the system is used as intended.

When the UFO light heating system device is used in local places according to its power capacity, the amount of consumption will change depending on the model (such as at home and in workplaces). For example: If the 1800-watt product, which can heat 18 m², is used in the thermostat setting, it works for eight hours in an average of 24 hours, that is, approximately by 1/3 of its power. This corresponds to 14.4 kW of energy in one day. If you multiply the unit price on your electricity bill by 14.4 kW, you can find the electricity it will consume daily. Let's say the electricity unit price is 16 New Kurus (160.000 TL.), then the energy consumption in a 24-hour use of UFO light heating system is calculated as the following One Day's Consumption = 14.4 X 16 = 230.4 New Kurus = 2,304 New TL. 2- The amount of electricity that the UFO light heating system device consumes may vary depending on its model while heating places with a greater power than in local heating. (In open and semi-open areas, in large areas, in local heating, in areas with high heat loss, etc.) Note: Please consult the closest dealer related to using UFO light heating system devices in places larger than its power. Dealers will provide a more suitable solution and more detailed information for the use.

Our products are economical heating solutions. Thanks to the technology used, they heat the space, hence they are economical. The angle for heating is wide enough to warm the space.

This kind of product is currently not in our collection.

First, the issue we need to focus on is whether you can easily heat the place where you plan to use the UFO light heating system device, whether the thermal insulation is good. If you can heat this place under normal conditions, the heat insulation of this place is good. If you can’t, then it is not. The severity of the problem is directly related to the ratio at which you can heat this place. For example, if this place is underheated, it means you have serious problems with thermal insulation. After making the definition of thermal insulation, let's start with how to choose the device from the brochure. Place to be installed: Living room Room size 20 m2 When we look in the brochure, there are two devices suitable for this size under normal conditions and with good thermal insulation. In other words, the suitable devices should be UFO S/19 or UFO S/23 models. If the thermal insulation is not good, the device we choose should be a bigger one.

Our heaters were modeled as 1900, 2000, and 2300 watts. The first two numbers show the average heating area in m2. For example, S/1900 W heats 19 m2 of closed area.

You can check the distances from the table below.

You can check the distances from the table below.

UFO heaters have been shown to perform more efficiently in situations where walls are poorly insulated or where they have normal insulation. The power consumption per 10OC decreases with the quality of insulation. Data also shows that the difference in performance between UFO heaters also decreases as the quality of insulation increases. If your space is either poorly insulate or has normal insulation, the advantage of using a UFO infrared heater over a convective heater is more significant. Infrared heaters are not affected breeze.

Micatronic technology is a unique technology that triples the filament durability and works flawlessly on vertical use. The resistance wire is coated with nanoparticles and is coiled on the mica with a 4-axis tetragonal coiling system developed by UFO. Hence, this technology enables the resistance wire to stay in place and disables aggregation of filaments, so the filament is three times more durable.

The most important difference of the Micatronic Technology heater from other heaters is that it is three times longer lasting because it has been coiled with a 4-Axis Tetragonal Winding System.

Micatronic 23/UK Unique technology developed by UFO Tipping-safe Distance sensing sensor (Auto shut down when objects are too close to the device) Programmable shutdown feature Aesthetic and decorative design Portable and convenient 5-stage power adjustment with remote control High voltage protection for device and filament safety High efficiency Power: 2300 W Micatronic 19 Unique technology developed by UFO Tipping-proof Aesthetic and decorative design Portable and convenient Power: 1900W

You can easily use them in all indoor spaces and semi-open spaces.

Yes, the heaters provide safety with their tipping and distance detection sensor.

Since they do not use air and do not consume oxygen, they do not cause any headaches. They do not incinerate particles in the air, so they are naturally odorless. Thanks to infrared waves, the heaters prevent proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria and helps to aid in hygiene. The heaters are used to treat muscle and joint pain, back and waist pain, rheumatism, sciatica, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract, asthma disorders, and is used in physical therapy. Doctors also recommend them for sensitive and allergenic people since they help prevent the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria and can used to heat environments where newborn babies are present.

Change the knob's position from "0" to "1." The heater will start working. You can choose the most comfortable heating level by turning the knob clockwise to heat more. The heater will work on full power and low power modes to keep the room temperature at your desired level.

The heaters will not shut down and will continue to work with low power unless the knob is turned to "0." As a result, the filament stays red and to warn you against possible hazards such as misplacement and covering the heater up.

If the knob on your thermostat model is at max, it means that the heater will work at the highest watts continuously.

Our products have five levels. From 1 to 5, you can select the intensity of heat.

H0 means that your heater is on standby.

Press the "Sleep" button. After pressing the button, the display screen is activated. Press the "+"/"-" buttons to set the sleep time between 1 to 12 hours. Press "Sleep" button again to save the sleep time setting. The remaining time is displayed as hours on the screen.

If you use the on and off time settings every day, press the "Every day" button after setting the time to avoid setting the time every day. The heater will turn on and off according to the time settings you've chosen every day. If this function is active, you'll see the "Every day" text on the remote control's screen. Press the same button to cancel the function.

You can press the "Every day" button to cancel the function.

Press "Cancel" button for 5 seconds to cancel the time settings.

Press the "Cancel" button for 5 seconds. The previous programs will reset.

Our coolers don't have the propeller fans while the cooling fans have. The propeller fans are used to distribute the air through blowing. Our coolers can distribute the cool and clean air thanks to their cold steam technology.

Yes! Thanks to the negative ion technology of our cooling systems, the air in your house will remain fresh while you can have cool air.

Our air purifier has many different types of filters. Some of them can be washed with water or vacuumed, some of them needs to be replaced or left under the sun. You can check the cleaning details of each model and filter with the manual provided in product box.

Our products are wall mounted. They are suitable for horizontal use. In case of vertical use, the filaments may be damaged, and this is not included in the warranty since it's a user error. We recommend that you install and use the heater according to the instructions in the manual to avoid any problems.

Our products are wall mounted. The parts for wall-mounting are included in the package. If you'd like to use the heater with a stand, you can choose between the two stand options on our website.

You can install your heaters easily by following the instructions in the manual and by using the four brackets and installation screws. Also, you can look at the installation video.

  • Position the heater so it heats the entire work/ living area and not the air above or below it.
  • Ensure that the radiant heat is not directed out windows or doorways. It can pass through glass and will waste heat on objects that are outside, so direct heat away from windows/ doorways.
  • Infrared heat can also reflect off shiny or bright surfaces. So, position the heater away from these sources.
  • Do not install the heater near flammable sources or on surfaces that will deform or discolor when subjected to heat.
  • 16 inches from the ceiling for wall application.
  • 71 inches from the floor for wall application.
  • 95 inches from the floor for ceiling application.
  • Install a minimum of 40 inches from the curtains or other decorations.
  • Place at least 40 inches away from combustible materials.
  • Place explosive materials at least 25 feet away from the heater.
  • Always have your heater in the horizontal position.

Mount the heater at a 0- 45-degree angle. For wall applications, the heater should not be tilted more than 5 degrees.

These models require minimal cleaning and maintenance; however, these are some guidelines to follow:

  • Keep the heater clean and free from dusts or debris.
  • Check for any cracks on the filament and signs of overheating.
  • Check the power cord for cracks or signs of overheating.
  • Always unplug your heater before cleaning.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to remove dust and debris from the reflector or filament.
  • Avoid using extension cords as this may cause overheating.
  • Do not run cords under carpets or cover with throw rugs as this can cause tripping.
  • Only use GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter) outlets when using the heater in the kitchens, baths, or exterior application areas.
  • Connect your heater to a properly rated circuit. A minimum of 15 amps is recommended
  • Check the unit and power cord for damage before operating it.

Did you check the plug of your heater? If an electrician has checked the electricity installation of your house, did you try using another grounded wall plug? If none of these worked, you can ask for assistance from the store you've purchased your heater or the technical service representative on the invoice and other documents.

You shouldn't operate the heater and need to contact the store you bought the heater from or our technical service department.

Two AAA/Alkaline batteries are needed.

Two AAA/Alkaline batteries are needed.

We recommend grounded plugs on the wall for your safety.

The remote control may have run out of batteries, or the battery bed may have been oxidized. You can use the same remote control by cleaning the battery bed. After replacing the batteries, you can check the transmitter on the remote by using your phone's camera. If you see a red flicker when you press a button, your remote control is working.

When the heater tips over on 30O or any angle above, the remote-controlled models give an audible warning of three beeps and the screen shows "Er" error. Then, it sets back to the H0 start state. The power button should be pressed to reoperate the heater. When the heater tips over on 40O any angle above, the thermostat heaters will shut down. The heater will resume working when it's returned to the correct position.

UFO heaters have a 2-year warranty.

You can distinguish your original UFO heaters by inspecting the filaments. The original filaments (the heating element or the glass heating tube) contains the UFO logo which is etched with laser on quartz glass. On the metal head you can find the heater's model, type, and serial number. Original spare parts are recommended for longevity and efficiency. Heaters that don't have all the original components will be disregarded in warranty.

Our UFO UK, T, and Star Devices are presented to our customers with different bodies and powers. Although filaments of 1800 and 3000 watts are available in all three of our devices, the life and warranty periods are different due to the alloy of the resistance wire used.

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We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please send an email to support @, or you may reach us (302) 504-4207. The representative will request you to send an email including your order details.

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