Become An UFO Dealer

Who Are We?

Our journey began in 1998 when our group ventured into the heating sector with the invention of our groundbreaking heating technology: the helezonic resistance wire winding, patented for its ultra-efficient, medium-infrared properties. We put our state-of-the-art heaters into the market under our brand UFO.

Fast forward twenty-five years, and UFO heaters have emerged as market leaders. These environmentally friendly heating solutions are now embraced in homes, offices, businesses, and warehouses across 27 countries in North America, Europe, and other continents. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service extends globally.

What makes UFO infrared heating systems exceptional? Through our infrared heating technology, the moment light touches an object, warmth becomes immediately perceptible. Our heaters efficiently convert nearly all their electrical power directly into heat. Moreover, 94% of the generated heat reaches you through radiation, unaffected by weather conditions, while only 6% comes from convection. This approach significantly minimizes heat loss due to poor insulation, thereby curbing excessive energy consumption. Not only does this benefit the environment by lowering energy usage, but it also makes a positive impact on your finances.